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Therese Harris was born and raised in California and has practiced law in all 58 Counties in California. Prior to practicing law, Ms. Harris was a Controller/Accounting Manager for many small and large companies. In 1993, she received her MBA from California Lutheran University. Ms. Harris has worked as an associate attorney in both big and small law firms. She has gained the experience needed to handle the most complex litigious cases; however, she is still able to maintain her "small town" personal connection with her clients.

Her commitment to your rights and the legal system is simply unshakable. Each member of her team plays a vital role in ensuring your interests are taken to heart.

Focusing on righting wrongs, she uses resources where they will do the most good for you. Whether dealing with consumer protection matters including violations of the FDCPA and California Rosenthal Act or personal injury cases, her team makes sure all the information, documentation, research, and case particulars are in place.

For a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney, turn to Therese Harris Law Offices. With her significant litigation experience and strong case management skills, she is able to effectively handle litigation proceedings from initiation and discovery through trial. When handling a case, her process involves:

• Communicating & Meeting with Clients
• Thorough Examination & Analysis of Facts• Formulation of Most Tactical Approach for the Trial
• Strategy-Making for the Best Course of Action for Your Case


As an MBA degree holder, she has successfully managed several large companies. With more than 25 years of experience in managing staff and training personnel, she has become adept at all areas of business development and management. Her other specialties include:

• Arbitration and Mediations
• Civil Court Trials
• Case Conferences
• Discovery
• File Management
• Legal Research
• Litigation
• Motions
• Settlements


"It's no secret that some attorneys are in it for the money. What separates me from my competitors is that I know how to deal with people, and I'm in it to settle with each party and try and resolve their specific case. I have been doing mediation for years now and have successfully and quickly resolved many cases." - Therese Harris