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I had called and met with different attorneys here in San Luis Obispo including one that was still based in a big city. Some insisted I sign up right away, others told me there was no merit to my case. I did a lot of research and checked a lot of sources and had in my mind the way I would like to proceed. When I contacted this law office she actually met with me in SLO. We sat down and discussed my situation. We brainstormed and she brought up some good points and tactics that she would bring to bear and resources no other attorney had mentioned. I was impressed and pleased with her knowledge and plans and signed up with her.

After being told by other lawyers that my case would be worth very little she was able to secure a maximum pay out at full policy value. I had been dealing with the adjuster for just short of the 2 years I had available to me so my situation was very urgent. Within just a couple months she was able to secure a settlement that was very satisfactory and she even dealt swiftly and fairly with repayment to insurance.

The actual pay out that I received was much more than a couple law firms even told me the whole case would be worth. Their estimation would have taken their fees out of a smaller pay out so I am very glad that I found this law firm. She was very direct and no nonsense, very knowledgeable and effective.

My brother was an attorney that had dealt with accidents and had told me what to look for. Ms Harris is all that and more. I would highly recommend her.

Gerald Craig